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Help topics - frequency asked questions

Summary: » How to subscribe and start downloading

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Help section: Subscribing and downloading questions

How to download vector file from

For download access you should:

1. Sign up at and then log in;

2. Add money to your account for Pay per download subscription. Or you can subscribe for 20, 100, 500 or 2000 downloads also and download any images without additional fees for every downloaded image during 1 year (when the subscription expires you would need to join it again). See more about the payment methods: accepts payments by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), bank transfer, as well as e-Gold, WebMoney and Yandex.Money.

Please see also our Subscribe and download Demo

I signed in, but LogIn (Member account) info disappeared by link to other page. What is the trouble?

If you're having problems keeping your account details and files downloading it is probably a cookie issue. Make sure you allow cookies from, that's how we recognize you as a member. If you have any Anti-Virus programs or cookie blockers (firewall) running they will need to be set to allow cookies from Once you do this you will not have any problems signing in.

Probably you should check cookie settings in your web browser. The cookies should be enabled.

For Internet Explorer: Tools --> Internet Options --> Privacy --> Advanced.
For FireFox: Tools --> Options --> Privacy --> Cookies.

Also it is possible to request necessary vector images by e-mail. Requested file will be sent during one business day, the image cost will be charged on your account at

How many times can I download the file? Should I pay for every file format downloading?

Each image may be downloaded during an year after the first download so many time as you wish. You pay for every image only once and can download all file formats without additional fees during an year.

What is LightBox?

Lightbox is an area where you can save your favorite images to for fast and easy access later. It is the shopping cart analogue also where you can calculate the total cost for images you wish to download. Only registered, logged-in users can save images to their LightBox.


Still have questions? Please contact us by e-mail or write the message at "Online Help"



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